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Fighting Restraining Orders in L.A. County

A restraining order can be issued by a judge in a domestic violence dispute if the other person claims abuse or threats of abuse have occurred. A restraining order prohibits you from coming within a certain distance of the other party under penalty of arrest if you violate the order. If you have been served with a restraining order or have been arrested for violating one, contact a domestic violence attorney to obtain the legal representation you will need to fight your charges.

Restraining Orders for Domestic Violence Charges

Having a restraining order filed on you can have serious consequences in your life. It often is requested by a spouse who is angry or upset about a divorce situation in order to gain the upper hand in custody or property division disputes. This can leave you unable to visit your children and if convicted of violating a restraining order, can leave a long lasting criminal record that could affect many other aspects of your life in the future.

Fighting an arrest or service of a restraining order is vital. With the help of Los Angeles Attorney Arthur Khachatourians from Tyler & Wilson, LLP, they can begin to take effective legal action to fight your charges if you have been arrested.

Impact of a Restraining Order

Being unjustly accused of domestic violence is never easy to contend with. You need to take measures to protect your reputation and your future by having our team take aggressive actions to have the restraining order lifted or cancelled if no cause can be shown for its issuance. We can take all necessary actions to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and the threat of possible arrest.

Tyler & Wilson, LLP's goal is to provide you with the skilled, dedicated and effective legal representation you deserve. Contact a Los Angeles domestic violence attorney today if you have been served with an unwarranted restraining order and would like to learn more about your options.

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