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Protective Orders in Los Angeles County

When someone decides they are at risk of being harmed by a family member or are claiming they are victims of domestic abuse, they can request a protective order from a judge to request legal protection. Violating a protective order puts you at risk for immediate incarceration, so having the appropriate legal advice is crucial.

If you have been served with a protective order it is essential you consult with a knowledgeable Los Angeles criminal lawyer immediately to learn what options are available to you.

Consequence of Some Domestic Violence Charges

A protective order filed against you prohibits you from entering your own home. You may be unable to visit your children or obtain any necessities from your home if you wish to avoid the penalties. For those who work at home and are served with this type of filing, you risk your livelihood as well. A domestic violence attorney from Tyler & Wilson, LLP, can assist you in taking the proper legal actions to fight the protective order and restore your rights.

Were you served with a protective order?

Being served with a protective order can be a traumatic experience that can greatly affect your life. If you have already been arrested for violating a protective order, the firm can begin the process of establishing a defense on your behalf to assist in exonerating you from the charges. We will work to get the protective order lifted or cancelled in order to assist you in being able to once again have visitation rights and obtain your personal belongings.

Our firm has a caring and effective legal team that can provide you the skilled legal representation you need when served with a protective order. Schedule your initial consultation today by contacting our team at Tyler & Wilson, LLP.

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