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Los Angeles Domestic Violence Lawyer

Charged with Domestic Violence in Los Angeles?

When accused of committing domestic violence you may be facing severe penalties if convicted. The criminal justice system in Los Angeles treats such cases harshly. Many such accusations are based upon the testimony of one person claiming that the abuse occurred; they may have failed to report that they were also involved or initiated a physical attack requiring self-defense. In other cases, a bitter relationship battle can lead to accusations of domestic violence that are completely false. This can be an effort to damage the reputation of the accused, or limit their access to their family and children.

Any individual facing accusations of domestic violence is strongly advised to contact a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer at once. At Tyler & Wilson, LLP, the legal team has extensive experience in defending such cases and can advise you how the defense will proceed.

Our firm is ready to take on any criminal domestic violence case, including those that involve:

Dangers in Domestic Violence Cases in Los Angeles

When a fight breaks out in a home, often neighbors report the incident, causing a "domestic violence call" by the police. When law enforcement arrives, often tempers are flaring and accusations are made. Law enforcement is restricted about what they can do; if an accusation of violence of threat of violence is made. The police have little they can do other than to arrest the accused. The danger in these situations is that even when later the alleged victim recants, the prosecutor may proceed with the case anyway. Often "battered women's syndrome" will be cited as the reason that the alleged victim recanted the story of an attack. This creates a severe damage to any person charged with domestic violence.

The charge can be filed against any type of domestic partner: spouse, roommate, relative, child, girlfriend, boyfriend or other person sharing a home. Such cases can be charged either as a felony or misdemeanor, and the action taken by the attorney representing you has much to do with how the case is charged. If you are facing domestic violence charges, act quickly and contact our firm.

Contact a Los Angeles domestic violence attorney from the firm to aggressively defend any accusation of domestic violence. We can help if you have a domestic violence arraignment at the East LA court house, which is located at 4848 East Civic Center Way, Los Angeles, CA 90022.

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