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Los Angeles Taxi Cab / Bandit Cabs Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with taxi cab or bandit cab violations in Los Angeles?

Driving a cab can be the sole source of income for an individual. Sometimes a part-time cab driver uses it as means of supplemental income. In the current economic climate, there could be a temptation to pocket the money received from fares. Some cab drivers operate an illegal cab operation know as a bandit cab. If you have been charged with any violations of the law in regards to driving a cab, it is very important that you contact a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer who can aggressively protect your rights and defend you from criminal charges brought against you. At the Law Firm of Tyler & Wilson, the legal team of defense lawyers has successfully represented individuals charged with crimes involving taxicabs.

About Criminal Charges Against Taxi Cabs and Bandit Cab Cases

It seems that all taxi cab drivers are in a big hurry to get from pickup to drop off of customers. Sometimes taxi drivers in their haste cause traffic collisions. You should never be a party to a hit and run accident. If you have been involved in an automobile accident involving your cab, you should contact a lawyer to get legal advice immediately.

If your employer has charged you with theft of fare money, you need to seek advice from a criminal defense attorney right away. You could lose your job and go to jail. You need a lawyer to defend you and protect your rights.

Bandit cabs are an illegal operation in which the driver is underinsured, not insured and may be driving without a valid driver's license. It is a crime and can have serious consequences if found guilty. A bandit cab driver could be faced with stiff fines and a prison sentence. A sting operation by law enforcement is the usual way of identifying bandit cabs. The evidence against you might be faulty. A prosecutor must prove the case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. The attorneys from the firm have the knowledge and experience to defend you by reviewing the facts of the case and aggressively challenging evidence presented against you. It is important that you contact us today to discuss the case with an attorney and determine how to proceed.

If you have an arraignment at the East LA courthouse located at 4848 East Civic Center Way Los Angeles, CA 90022 for LAMC 71.02(a) or LAMC 71.03(d) contact us.

Contact a Los Angeles taxi cab/bandit cabs defense attorney for a free initial consultation.

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