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Los Angeles Perjury Defense Attorney

What is perjury?

If you willfully and deliberately give false or misleading information or testimony under oath, you are guilty of perjury. Most people think of perjury only means lying in when being a witness in a court proceeding. It also means lying on a signed affidavit or declaration, or at a deposition. There is also another kind of perjury called subornation of perjury. This is when a person has persuaded another to commit perjury, and the person does so. If you are convicted or perjury you may go to prison for 2 to 4 years and may also be forced to pay fines , put on probation, make restitution, or do community service. Being accused of perjury does not result in an automatic conviction. The prosecutor must prove four elements for you to be proven guilty:

  • You were under oath at the time you made the statement;
  • You knew the statement was false;
  • Your statement was willful with the intent that it be believed as true; and
  • The false statement you made was material (important, relevant) to the proceeding.

If you have been accused of perjury you want a lawyer who will fight for you. A Los Angeles criminal defense attorney is committed to obtain the most favorable outcome for you in your perjury case.

Actions That May Trigger a Perjury Charge

In life there are a number of situations where it is required to sign a declaration stating, "I declare under penalty of perjury that the above statement is true and correct," such as a loan application or driver's license. If you sign such an application and the information you have provided is found to be false, you may be charged with perjury. Some others are giving false info on a tax return, lying about your income on a sworn affidavit in a divorce proceeding, as a police officer, making a false statement in a police report. Perjury can be a very serious offense. In California it is a felony. The criminal defense lawyers at Tyler & Wilson, LLP understand that being convicted of perjury can follow you for many years and adversely impact your life and livelihood. They will work to protect your rights.

If you have been charged with perjury, contact a Los Angeles perjury defense lawyer who may be able to provide you with the assistance you need.

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