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Elder Abuse and Neglect Attorneys for California Skilled Nursing Facilities and Employees

California skilled nursing facilities (commonly referred to as "SNFs") are highly regulated in California. The Department of Public Health, the local police department, the Ombudsman's unit, Operation Guardian, and the Department of Justice, Medi-Cal and Elder Abuse Unit routinely conduct investigations of nursing homes. The Department of Public Health has the authority to issue deficiencies and citations under state and federal regulations and Health and Safety Code violations that may turn into criminal investigations and/or criminal filings. An investigation may also be triggered by a family complaint, annual re-certification survey, or from the Ombudsman's Unit. These complaints may be referred to the Attorney General's Office, Department of Justice Medi-Cal and Elder Abuse Unit or Operation Guardian for further investigation and prosecution.

Simultaneously, the provider may also be facing a civil lawsuit where the Plaintiff's attorney is attempting to use the criminal investigation or the regulatory violation as leverage in the civil case. The Department of Justice has a violent crimes unit that investigates and prosecutes physical elder abuse allegations, including but not limited to, homicide, rape, false imprisonment, assault, and battery. The Department of Justice also investigates and prosecutes individual employees and providers for neglect cases in a nursing home as well. Criminal cases for neglect may be filed against the provider as well as the employees alleging that they failed to address the residents physical and mental health care needs, neglecting resident hygiene, inadequate staffing; malnutrition, dehydration, wound care, and falsification of patient charts.

The law firm of Tyler & Wilson, LLP has been successfully addressing nursing home issues since its inception. The firm represents providers and employees when faced with criminal and regulatory accusations for elder abuse & neglect. The firm has the experience and reputation to handling matters that include the following:

  • Criminal Charges filed by the Department of Justice, Medi-Cal & Elder Abuse Unit or the District Attorney's Office;
  • Criminal Investigations conducted by the Department of Justice, Operation Guardian, and/or local police or sheriff's department;
  • Regulatory Investigations conducted by Department of Public Health and Ombudsman's Unit;
  • Crisis Media Management;
  • Felony Charges for Elder Abuse or Neglect pursuant to Penal Code §368(b)(1);
  • Misdemeanor Charges for Elder Abuse or Neglect pursuant to Penal Code §368(c);
  • Misdemeanor Charges for Failing to Report - Welfare & Institutions Code 15630;
  • Grand Jury Indictments;
  • Criminal Subpoenas;
  • Facility licensing and certification issues;
  • Other Government investigations and prosecutions;
  • Investigation and/or revocation of nursing certifications and licenses;
  • Mandated abuse reporting;
  • Media relations;
  • Regulatory compliance issues related to citations and deficiencies;
  • Risk minimization and management; and
  • Survey management and appeals.

If you are the owner of a skilled nursing home and/or if you are an employee that works in a nursing home and there is a pending regulatory or criminal investigation or complaint that involves you, call attorney Arthur Khachatourians, (818) 590-8294, with the law firm of Tyler & Wilson, LLP.

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