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Criminal Case Information

When arrested for a criminal offense, whether a DUI, violent crime, or a serious felony charge, it is important to understand the process in the criminal justice system. The system moves quickly through the process and the actions taken on an immediate basis by a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer can greatly affect the outcome of the case. At Tyler & Wilson, LLP, the legal team will do a careful analysis of the case, including evaluating all evidence and statements, to seek out the best defense possible. The attorney will support the client throughout the process and carefully manage every aspect of the case as it proceeds through the system.

The Criminal Justice Process

Some cases begin with an investigation that you become aware of only after being arrested. Never answer any questions from an investigator without first engaging a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer to be present. Even though the arrest has not taken place. You may subject yourself to a criminal charge if you incriminate yourself. Stay silent and contact our firm.

The Arrest

Arrests must follow a specific procedure under law. When the procedures are cut short or violated, it can lead to a case dismissal. A full review of the process must be done by the attorney immediately after the arrest to identify the errors in the police procedure.

The Arraignment

You are formally charged in front of a judge. Bail may be set at this hearing. It is vital that you are represented by an attorney who advocates for a lower bail or the release on your own recognizance. Your plea must be discussed with the attorney before making any decisions. The case may have strong possibilities for a defense and if you plead guilty you will be stuck.

Pre-Trial Hearing

Motions can be filed to dismiss the case or suppress certain evidence on behalf of the client. When successful, you will be free to go. It is necessary for a criminal defense attorney to evaluate all the evidence in your case and then file the appropriate motions as necessary.

The Trial

The trial presentation on your behalf by the defense attorney is a critical part of how the case gets resolved. An aggressive cross-examination of law enforcement can expose varying reports of what actually happened, creating "reasonable doubt" for the jury.

The Sentence

You will be found guilty or not guilty. The penalty imposed could be alternative sentencing if the attorney supporting you has sought this outcome aggressively. In other cases a "not guilty" verdict may be achieved through the dedicated defense work on behalf of the client.

Contact a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer from the firm to assist in aggressively defending criminal charges throughout the L.A. area.

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